Covid Necessities – ½ minute read


Because of Covid 19 I haven’t been to a barber in four months. No problem! I had cut my own hair while a starving graduate student at Georgia Tech. Then I cut my hair while a missionary–again starving–in Nigeria. Now–although not starving–circumstances necessitate creativity in personal grooming.

So what do you think? Should I post instructions for self hair-cutting? (The secret is to snip a little every few days rather than doing a setback cut.) Your opinion is important. Kit is starting to look a little shaggy. I’m applying for the job.

All of us are having to improvise during these difficult months. My encouragement to enjoy the creativity. And try not to take trivial things as importantly as we used to.

Kit and I are living in a hotel while we try to find a place to live in Washington. I’m working on a new book, How to Cook Anything in a Microwave.

Stay safe friends,


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2 Responses to Covid Necessities – ½ minute read

  1. Aileen Ostendorff says:

    Handsome as ever!

    Kit go for it!!!

    Woke up thinking of you and praying for a house.

    We are in hotel in Meridian, MS on way to Longview, TX to see Daniel and Lauren and kids for a long weekend then back home. We have not been together for 11months. Long for us.

    On our way home we are going to drive through Laurel, MS. Where the HGTV show Home Town comes from.

    Home for 10 days and then off to Virginia to stay with Sara while we attend a Living Celebration of a longtime Cru friend dying of cancer. We will all gather on a farm. Her diagnosis has hit me hard.

    Then…. sara and her 4 will caravan with us to Myrtle Beach for the day to be with best friends( like family from our team at NIST) Then drive home late for a few days of enjoying her and the kids!!!

    We are blessed to have family we can enjoy when other gatherings and travel are not possible.

    I agree Drew about not sweating the small stuff. My recent haircut is awful but it is just hair and it will grow back! This is not the first time the world has faced a life threatening crisis and God is ever faithful.

    You are often in my thots and prayers.


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    • Thanks, Aileen for an update on your life and travels. We are sorry to hear about your friend. So much grief in our world right now. Things that are happening seem unimaginable. So much anger and hatred being acted out. And yet there are always those who put others ahead of themselves for the greater good. And the future your grandchildren will hopefully be able to enjoy,


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