We found a house! – 1 minute read

Previously, we wrote about the hyper-hot real estate market in Washington. We managed to react in a few hours–before most of the competition–to a new listing. We had to outbid only one other buyer. Even so, we paid an insane amount. Half the size as our house in Arkansas for twice the cost.

Immediately, we experienced strong emotions for spending so much money; shock, grief, fear, and guilt. I told our realtor that for that much money down South, you could buy a plantation with an antebellum home stocked with ghosts. And that money could do a lot of good, if carefully applied.

But we do have a plan to make the investment productive for the benefit of others–after we enjoy it a few years. We’ll will the house to a non-profit. Because of the skyrocketing prices in a desirable location, this house is very likely to be worth more later. A good cause will need the money a few years from now.

About the house: I had anticipated a cabin-like home on the margins of civilization. Trouble is, those sites don’t have reliable Internet and in some cases not even cell service. So the house we selected is in a residential area–to our surprise only thirteen miles to downtown Seattle. That is, thirteen miles over water. We’re on the opposite side of Puget Sound from the city.

Truly we are fish-out-of-water here. This has been a theme in each of our novels. We’ll write with more feeling now.  Washington was to be our “last grand adventure.” That  adventure we are experiencing.


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16 Responses to We found a house! – 1 minute read

  1. Suzy Brown says:

    Yay! We’ve been praying for you!! Soglad we will see you in a month or two!! Can’t wait to see you in your new place!!


  2. Jacque Coons says:

    Congratulations. It seems like that is the norm whenever you move – smaller house more money. Your new neighborhood will benefit from their new neighbors. Good luck. Will you move furniture from AK?


  3. Linda Jacobs says:

    Congratulations! Can you share what town you’re living in now? I don’t know if you got my message that I retired in January and I have left Seattle and I’m now living down in Marina Del Rey with my youngest sister, Janet. Hope you love Washington as much as I do, but like you I wanted a change. All my love to you and Kit.


    • Hi Linda ! I’m so glad you sent a comment. The only email I had for you was your work one. And you’re not on Facebook, I don’t think so I felt like I had lost contact with you. Can you send me your email address ? We ended up buying in Port Orchard. It was a long hunt but we love it on the Kitsap peninsula. Yes, I knew you were with your sister now. If you ever want to revisit your old home please come stay with us. We would LOVE to have you.


  4. Nancy Sutherland says:

    Congratulations! I know you will make it “your home” in no time! Love to hear about your adventures!


  5. Mike E Dacey says:

    West Seattle? Alki Beach?


  6. Patsie Bridges says:

    I have been praying that you would find a home where you could start your new life adventure. I really look forward to reading all about that adventure in your posts and your books. Oh, and thank you both so much for all your donations of furniture and other household items for Family Promise. You will be pleased to know that one of our families who is currently in the program has just been approved for housing, so we will be able to totally furnish their home thanks to you and many other friends and church members. May God continue to bless you both in all that you do. Love you, Patsie


    • Thanks, Patsie. We are looking forward to having all of belongings in our new home and beginning to settle in. July 24th is closing. So glad to know others will be enjoying what we didn’t take with us. A very godly recycle plan you head up for so many.


  7. Aileen Ostendorff says:

    Yeah!!! Woke up thinking about you and a house prayed.

    Jennifer Lauer is selling her house in Dallas. Mor difficult than expected.

    Our kids in Richmond need a house and cant find one. Have settle on purchasing the rental they are in.

    We are grateful All of our kids have learned the discipline of contentment as it concerns housing. They reap huge benefits.

    Love you happy for you. Look so cute.


    Sent from my Iphone. My email is aostendorff50@gmail.com



    • Thanks, Aileen. One of my Cynthia Heald studies talked about being content in whatever is provided for us in any given moment. Sometimes that is more of a challenge than other times but God does make it possible to do so if we are willing to trust Him.


  8. Heidie Baughman says:

    Hi Kit & Drew,
    So happy for you both!! I heard your agent in CA (aka Mary) found you a place to live till you close up North. Enjoy your time with the family in CA. I’ve never been up that way so may have to plan a road trip with Mary in the future.
    Blessings on the next adventure,


    • Thanks so much Heidie, Yes, Mary did find the house for us. And we are staying in a lovely spot now until we go to Arkansas to move our belongings. Would love to welcome you to our new home anytime.


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