Kit and Drew

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Kit and Drew Coons met while living in Africa to do humanitarian work  in 1980. “Kit was living in a mud house with a metal roof and no running water or electricity,” Drew recalls. “She is as tough as a hickory nut.”  There Kit taught in a teachers college while Drew worked to provide clean water to nineteen cities and towns.

As humorous speakers specializing in strengthening relationships, they have taught in every part of the US and in thirty-nine other countries. For two years, the Coonses lived and taught in New Zealand and Australia. They are keen cultural observers and incorporate their many adventures into their writing and speaking. The Coonses are unique in that they speak and write as a team.

Drew received honors degrees in engineering from both Auburn and Georgia Tech. He worked on the Delta Rocket program and designed critical components for the Space Shuttle. Later he served as a researcher for BASF Corporation and received twenty-three US and several international patents.

Kit has an honors degree in education from the University of Minnesota. She is a gifted teacher and blogger with a undaunted spirit regardless of the circumstances.

The Coonses are unique in that they speak and write as a team. Kit and Drew are available as speakers for a wide variety of entertaining and meaningful topics. They live in Washington State. 

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