The Ambassadors

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A novel by Kit and Drew Coons

“The Ambassadors combines elements of science fiction and real-life genetics into a story that is smart, witty, and completely unique. Drew and Kit Coons navigate complex issues of humanity in a way that will leave you pondering the implications long after the book is over. If you’re ready for a compelling adventure with humor,      suspense, and protagonists you can really  root for, don’t miss out on this one!”                                Jayna Richardson

Two genetically engineered beings unexpectedly arrive on Earth. Unlike most extraterrestrials depicted in science fiction, the pair is attractive, personable, and telegenic–the perfect talk show guests. They have come to Earth as ambassadors bringing an offer of partnership in a confederation of civilizations. Technological advances are offered as part of the partnership. But humans must learn to cooperate among themselves to join.

Molly, a young reporter, and Paul, a NASA scientist, have each suffered personal tragedy and carry emotional baggage. They are assigned to tutor the ambassadors in human ways and to guide them on a worldwide goodwill tour. Molly and Paul observe as the extraterrestrials commit faux pas while experiencing human culture. They struggle trying to define a romance and partnership while dealing with burdens of the past.

However, mankind finds implementing actual change difficult. Clashing value systems and conflicts among subgroups of humanity erupt. Inevitably, rather than face difficult choices, fearmongers in the media start to blame the messengers. Then an uncontrolled biological weapon previously created by a rogue country tips the world into chaos. Molly, Paul, and the others must face complex moral decisions about what being human means and the future of mankind.

The Ambassadors is timely and up-to-date in the context of emerging genetic technology and division among humans. The genre is classic science fiction with elements of alien contact and genetics, plus romance and humor.