Jeremy’s Challenge

Dave and Katie’s Adventure Raising a Son by Kit and Drew Coons

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Jeremy'sChallenge_Rendering2 (2)Jeremy’s Challenge is an engaging story with the Parkers at younger ages. Their family history, outdoor experiences, and the Deep South setting draw you right in. Dave and Katie’s son, Jeremy, wants a more exciting life than his parents’ and goes down some wrong roads to find it; disinterest in school, dangerous adventures, and an edgy romance. This is a winning, thoughtful novel for teens, young adults, and enjoyable for those who have survived those times themselves.”   Sue Hofacker                                                          

Who has the bigger challenge—a teenager growing up with old-fashioned parents or parents trying to raise a modern teenager? Before their other exploits, Dave and Katie Parker had the challenge of raising a son—a son with an adventurous spirit. At an early age, Jeremy perceives the ordinariness of his parents’ lives and resolves that he can do better.

Disappointment, bullies, alluring girls, peer pressure, and surging hormones combine to challenge Jeremy. His questions— Who do I want to be? What will I do with my life?—remain unanswered. Amid rich deep-south and Cajun-influenced culture, Jeremy explores routes to a future different from the heritage he received. Personal problems experienced by Dave and Katie complicate Jeremy’s dilemma.

Into the uncertainty of Jeremy’s world comes an irresponsible and beguiling older woman. Tara is a vagabond and a practiced con artist. To Jeremy, the street-smart and philosophical woman holds the secret to life. She offers him a path with her to a young man’s dreams: adventure, passion, freedom. All Tara asks is that Jeremy bring his college fund with him.