Order Single or Multiple Books Directly from Kit and Drew at a Discount

You can order books at a discount from Kit and Drew  by any means of communication. Contact Kit and Drew

Jeremy'sChallenge_Rendering2 (2)New! Order directly from Kit and Drew for only $9.62.

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Book orders directly from Kit and Drew make great gifts.

Price List 

  • Single paperback novel: $11.87

  • Three paperback novels:  $29.98

  • Four paperback novels:  $39.97

  • Single Life-skills book: $2.99

  • Set of six Life-skills books: $16.99

You can contact the Coons directly (phone, letter, or kitcoons@comcast.net) or use the “Contact Us” form under “About Kit and Drew” to tell us which books you want. Contact Kit and Drew 

Payment for the number of books you order can be made by mailed check, credit card by phone, or add up your charges and pay by PayPal. 


Just add up your purchases and enter the dollar amount in the white box next to “Pay with Paypal.” Then hit “Pay with Paypal.”


Note: The payment button above sends us your payment, but doesn’t tell us your specific choices.  Please email your choices to kitcoons@comcast.net or Contact Kit and Drew