Challenge Down Under

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A Dave and Katie Adventure by Kit and Drew Coons

“Challenge Down Under is a gripping story of the rawness of life when desperation hits and of the power of love in the most difficult of circumstances.  I couldn’t put this book down as I wanted to see justice win the day. I’m a born and bred New Zealander, and I love how the Coonses captured the heart of both city and country life Down Under.  You will fall in love with the colorful characters and be intrigued by where curiosity and love can take a person.”     Jill Rangeley of Auckland, NZ 

ChallengeDownUnder_Rendering (2)Dave and Katie Parker’s only son, Jeremy, is getting married in Australia. In spite of initial reservations, the Parkers discover that Denyse is perfect for Jeremy and that she’s the daughter they’ve always wanted. But she brings with her a colorful and largely dysfunctional Aussie family. Again Dave and Katie are fish out of water as they try to relate to a boisterous clan in a culture very different from their home in South Alabama.

After the wedding, Denyse feels heartbroken that her younger brother, Trevor, did not attend. Denyse believes her brother may be in trouble. Impressed by his parents’ sleuthing experience in Minnesota, Jeremy volunteers them to locate Trevor. Their search leads them on an adventure through Australia and New Zealand.

Unfortunately, others are also searching for Trevor, with far more sinister intentions. With a talent for irresponsible chicanery inherited from his family, Trevor has left a trail of trouble in his wake. Can Dave and Katie locate him in time?