Challenge Series Novels

Challenge Serier 4

By Kit and Drew Coons

Dave and Katie Parker are an early-60s-aged couple in premature retirement recovering from difficult circumstances. “I feel like our old life was a boat that went over a waterfall with us inside. Now we’re bobbing up in the pool below, glad to be alive, but without a boat,” says Katie.

The Challenge Series of novels follow the Parkers as they solve mysteries and find new adventures. Dave and Katie’s relationship and ability to work as a team is deepened by each fish-out-of-water experience. They meet and help many colorful characters in charming settings. The situations frequently require the Parkers to face difficult choices and undergo personal growth. Readers will experience new places and cultures with Dave and Katie.

Admirable characters in each story and some redemptive themes make the stories meaningful. All the Challenge novels have been professionally illustrated. Please see the menu dropdowns for descriptions of each novel.   

Challenge for Two

Challenge Down Under

Challenge in Mobile

Jeremy’s Challenge

Challenge in the Golden State

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