More Than Ordinary life-skills series

MiniBooks_RenderingLife-skills books give practical and biblical advice dealing with issues related to living a More-Than-Ordinary Life.  Buy from Kit and Drew  Amazon

More Than Ordinary Challenges—Dealing with the Unexpected  (Group Discussion Questions Included)  Buy on Amazon

Many heartwarming stories share about difficult situations that worked out miraculously or through iron-willed determination. The stories are useful in that they inspire hope. But sometimes life just doesn’t work out the way we expected. Many people’s lives will never be what they had hoped. What does a person do then? This life-skills book uses our personal struggle with infertility as an example.

More Than Ordinary Choices—Making Good Decisions  (Group Discussion Questions Included)  Buy on Amazon

Every moment separates our lives into before and after. Some moments divide our lives into never before and always after. Many of those life-changing moments are based on the choices we make. God allows us to make choices through free will. Making good choices at those moments is for our good and ultimately reflects on God as we represent Him in this world.

More Than Ordinary Marriage—A Higher Level  Buy on Amazon

Some might suggest that any marriage surviving in these times is more than ordinary. Unfortunately, many marriages don’t last a lifetime. But by more than ordinary, we mean a marriage that goes beyond basic survival and is more than successful. This type of relationship can cause others to ask, “What makes their marriage so special?” Such marriages glorify God and represent Christ and the church well.

More Than Ordinary Faith—Why Does God Allow Suffering? (Group Discussion Questions Included)  Buy on Amazon

Why does God allow suffering? This is a universal question in every heart. The question is both reasonable and valid. Lack of a meaningful answer is a faith barrier for many. Shallow answers can undermine faith. Fortunately, the Bible gives clear reasons that God allows suffering. But the best time to learn about God’s purposes and strengthen our faith is before a crisis.

More Than Ordinary Wisdom—Stories of Faith and Folly  Buy on Amazon

Jesus told story after story to communicate God’s truth. Personal stories create hope and change lives by speaking to the heart. The following collection of Drew’s stories is offered for your amusement and so that you can learn from his experiences. We hope these stories will motivate you to consider your own life experiences. What was God teaching you? “Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story.” (Psalm 107:2)

More Than Ordinary Abundance—From Kit’s Heart  Buy on Amazon

Abundance means, “richly or plentifully supplied; ample.” Kit’s personal devotions in this mini book record her experiences of God’s abundant goodness and offer insights into godly living. Her hope is that you will rejoice with her and marvel at God’s provision in your own life. “They celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness.” (Psalm 145:7)