Challenge in Mobile

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A Dave and Katie Adventure by Kit and Drew Coons

ChallengeinMobile_Rendering (2)“Adventure finds Dave and Katie even at home. Mobile and the Gulf Coast are the sultry setting for the couples’ latest foray into a world of corruption, extortion, and racial tension. Thick southern charm and potential financial ruin swirl about them as they strive to serve those they love. A fast-paced and engaging story with colorful characters. A great read!” Leslie Mercer 

Dave and Katie Parker regret that their only child Jeremy, his Australian wife Denyse, and their infant daughter live on the opposite side of the world. Unexpectedly, Jeremy calls to ask his father’s help finding an accounting job in the US. Katie urges Dave to do whatever is necessary to find a job for Jeremy near Mobile. Dave’s former accounting firm has floundered since his departure. The Parkers risk their financial security by purchasing full ownership of the struggling firm to make a place for Jeremy.

Denyse finds south Alabama fascinating compared to her native Australia. She quickly resumes her passion for teaching inner-city teenagers. Invited by Katie, other colorful guests arrive from Australia and Minnesota to experience gulf coast culture. Dave and Katie examine their faith after Katie receives discouraging news from her doctors.

Political, financial, and racial tensions have been building in Mobile. Bewildering financial expenditures of a client create suspicions of criminal activity. Denyse hears disturbing rumors from her students. A hurricane from the Gulf of Mexico exacerbates the community’s tensions. Dave and Katie are pulled into a crisis that requires them to rise to a new level of more than ordinary.