Challenge in the Golden State


“The most fast paced and entertaining of all the Dave and Katie novels.”                                                                                                          

While on vacation with her husband in California, Katie Parker discovers two victims of a prescription opioid overdose. A man is already dead. The other—a teenaged girl—barely survives. The small town of Redwood Hills, situated among giant trees between California’s rugged coastline and picturesque wine country, has suffered an escalating rash of tragic overdoses.

Sympathy for the girl draws Dave and Katie into an investigation to discover the source of illicit drugs. Criminal elements of the community are threatened as Dave and Katie find evidence of a wicked scheme. The crooks fight back in nefarious ways, including the use of poison and planting false evidence that leads to Dave and Katie’s arrest.

With no one to trust, the Parkers summon their son and daughter-in-law for assistance. But Jeremy and Denyse are each facing their own crises and need help, too. As Dave and Katie pursue truth and exoneration, they must decide if they can place their trust in an unexpected and unlikely source.

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