We’re in Washington ! – a one minute read

DSCN2310 (2)Washington is more wonderful than we had anticipated. Towering alpine forests, profuse wild flowers, clear rivers, and blue skies–that is between rain showers–make the state irresistibe. Most days we catch glimpses of snow covered mountains. Mysterious dark waters lie between green hills.

Paradise has challenges, though. Kit and I are having trouble getting a home. It’s not a matter of money. We’ve lost seven wonderful houses that we could afford, but sold before we could react. One great place was on the market less than 24 hours. We’re finding longer lasting properties and lower prices in the vicinity of a majestic mountain they call Saint Helens. I can’t figure out why.

We are definitely fish-out-of-water in this real estate market. But, as you may know, putting characters in fish-out-of-water situations is an underlying theme in all our novels. Maybe I’ll be able to write with more feeling now.

For now, we’re living in an inexpensive hotel. For Covid 19 safety, Kit brought a jug of bleach from Arkansas to scrub every touchable surface before moving in. We don’t allow hotel staff inside the room. Internet safety was another concern. I setup Kit’s cell phone to act as a modem allowing us to computer access our finances without fear of unsecured wireless piracy.

This is the adventure we had sought. Please stay tuned.


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14 Responses to We’re in Washington ! – a one minute read

  1. Mary Potuznik says:

    Oh I’m so happy to hear this is the adventure that you had sought!!! XO


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  2. Anne Coletti says:

    Excited to be in a similar market in Colorado Springs in a week or two. What an adventure. Keep in touch and 🙏🏻 For a beautiful home!🥰❤️😷

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  3. Aileen Ostendorff says:

    Thanks for tge update. Praying for that home God has for you.


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  4. Margaret says:

    So happy to hear you’ve arrived in Washington! I will pray for the perfect house! Love you guys!

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  5. Elaine Hickman says:

    So good to hear you made it safely to Washington! What city are you in? I have been to Seattle and Tacoma for conferences. Chris and Ivan were married on Friday Island at a bed and breakfast that we all stayed in! It was a wonderful time and you are right it is a beautiful state! David is experiencing a lot of Fatigue, more pain and cough is worse! He had his last radioactive ☢️ isotope treatment next Tuesday and will have PET scan late August to see if treatments were effective! His attitude is still positive most of the time! He has never been a complainer and he has a high pain tolerance so I know if he says something he is really hurting! We are still quarantined and probably will be for a while! I am getting used to ordering from Amazon, Home Depot and Kroger! I pray you find a wonderful home soon as your new adventure begins! Looking forward to reading about your next phase! Stay safe and healthy! Love you both! Elaine and David

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    • Thanks so much, Elaine, for the update. Sorry David is experiencing more pain etc. You two are very courageous. The town we are in right now is Silverdale but we are looking all over the Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas. And even south of here closer to Vancouver, Wa. So a very large area. Praying for you both !


  6. Jacque Coons says:

    It’s good to hear from ya’ll and your exciting adventure. Is St Helens a different location than the one you originally planned to go? Be safe.


  7. G says:

    Awesome news Kit and Drew! I’m praying for the right home in the right neighborhood. We are moving to NWA, and have been looking for homes to buy for months, and we have experienced the same thing…..wonderful homes slipping through our fingers, b/c multiple offers are made within 8 hours. But just 2 days ago, I looked on the internet at the “for sale by owners”, and a house in the neighborhood that I wanted to be in was on the market 1 day. Hubby and I drove up on Monday, bought it, and drove home that night. The Lord will provide. I can’t wait to hear about your new home.


  8. Thanks for the update. So excited for you, congrats ! Soon you will be settled in your new home. Well, have all your belongings there anyway. 🙂


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