Pandemic of Lying – ½ minute read

Alex Murdaugh

If you watch any news, you couldn’t miss the trial of Alex Murdaugh for killing his wife and son. I didn’t follow the sordid tale. But apparently, the jury found him guilty–despite circumstantial evidence of murder–because evidence proved he lied. His habit of lying caught up with Murdaugh.

I believe we are suffering a pandemic of lying.  But, unlike Murdaugh, a lot of people are getting away with lying. Why? Because people believe what they want to believe. Liars who pander to what people want to hear can draw a large following. Last week the owner of a popular TV network, under oath, admitted that his news commentators had deliberately lied to satisfy viewers. Likewise religious leaders can garner a following by carelessly interpreting Scripture in ways that support peoples’ desires. This discredits God.

Let us, like the Murdaugh jury, look at the evidence. Please join me rejecting those who knowingly fabricate falsehoods and leaders who don’t do due diligence to ensure their words are sound.

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