Forgiveness Changes Lives

Kit in Africa

Kit in Africa

Another article by Kit has been published by Cru Staff Women around the world. Just click in this link Forgiveness Changes Loves.

Note: This stays on our website and is safe.

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2 Responses to Forgiveness Changes Lives

  1. Patsie Bridges says:

    I knew that you taught & Drew was an engineer there, but I did not remember the whole story. Thanks for sharing it with us – beautiful outcome for willingness to do the godly thing – have mercy & forgive with a loving heart. Thanks for continuing to inspire us with your purpose. Sending my love.


  2. You are always such and encourager to us ! You make my face and heart smile. Elaine is in my daily prayers. I am comforted that you are there for her. I’m sorry that you lost the love of your life so soon. I would of loved to have met him. I’m sure your support and understanding are of great worth to Elaine. Love you, Kit and Drew


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