Fifty years ago – 1 minute read

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I graduated from Auburn University fifty years ago this week. I’ve spent the last four years reminiscing about my experiences there. Auburn was the nest in which adult Drew hatched. I made decisions there about who I would be for a lifetime.

I’ve tried to place myself in the mind of young Drew. He had no idea how rich and wonderful his life would be. My retrospect has made me profoundly grateful for my life.

My time-trip has been immensely enjoyable. I’m saddened it is over. But wait! This week, fifty years ago, began a series of amazing new adventures. Next we’re off to California to report to the job four years of hard work earned. I can re-enjoy being a young man from a small town in Alabama in a completely different world. All leads up to meeting my life-partner Kit.

I pray that you can look back and relish your good and bad experiences. Their memory can make life almost unbearably rich.


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2 Responses to Fifty years ago – 1 minute read

  1. Margaret says:

    Beautifully said


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