Catching Creative Compassion

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Kit has written an article published by Cru’s Global Staff Women all over the world. The following link to her ideas remains on our More Than Ordinary Lives website.

Catching Creative Compassion

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4 Responses to Catching Creative Compassion

  1. English Holland says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing article . I love this idea . I am sure it will bless many people. Please pray for my dear friend Elizabeth who has breast cancer(12 years ago diagnosed) and has had it return 5 years ago . She is having excruciating back pain and the mri results are not good . Please pray as she begin port chemo and faces most likely a spinal surgery . Thank y’all. How are you liking the northwest ? Happy Summer, English

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  2. Karen Pruitt says:

    This is amazing and so true! Thanks for sharing your experiences! Love to you both.


  3. Thanks, Karen. Hope all is well with you !


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