Merry Christmas Memories – ½ minute read

Christmas party (2)We hope you’ve enjoyed recalling Christmases past with us through our blog, Facebook, or Instagram this season. Most of all, I hope that our posts have stimulated your own memories of joyful Christmases. Memories can enrich the season like lights on our tree.

My prayer for you is to create a memory in the coming two weeks that you can enjoy now and in the future. I hope to create a memory of rest from a hyper-busy year. Regardless of how you experience the season, Christmas can be God’s gift to us and a taste of a celebration with Him yet to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Drew and Kit

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4 Responses to Merry Christmas Memories – ½ minute read

  1. Karen Pruitt says:

    Merriest Christmas to y’all too! Loved the memories you’ve shared!


  2. Aileen Ostendorff says:

    Drew & kit Good morning Howard and I are driving from Richmond Virginia to Columbia South Carolina today it will take us six hours so we are using the time to read our Christmas greetings and pray for people it really is such a delight also I am exercising one of my desires for this New Year’s and that is to access and utilize technology more comfortably in my life so rather than typing this reply I am speaking into my microphone on my phone it’s brilliant we just want you to know that your communication with us brings us great joy and delight and encouragement and we pray the same for you as you head into this new year

    Sent from my Iphone. My email is



    • Wow ! I am impressed. Talking to your phone and it ends up here. Now that really is helpful. We hope you have enjoyed a worshipful Christmas celebration. My older sister was with us which has been a delight. She goes home tomorrow. She will be missed. Our Love, Kit and Drew


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