God + Homework = A miracle – 1 minute read

Capture (2)Last June, we visited my first alma mater on the 50th anniversary of me starting there at age 17. Great grades seemed to be my best chance for a good job after graduation. Maybe those grades became too important since I studied most of the time.

Then through a student ministry on campus I made a commitment to Christ and got involved in Christian student activities. I became so involved that I didn’t have time to do my homework for an important examination. As the professor passed out the exams, I felt sick. “God please save me!” I begged with all my heart and opened the exam. To my joy, the questions were just the things I knew. When I got my graded paper back with a high score, I thought, “This is great. Now that I’m a Christian, I won’t need to study at all anymore.”

I returned to my Christian activities. The next examination came. This time I didn’t worry. As the professor passed out the exams, I remember praying something like, “Okay, God. You know what to do.” But, when I opened the exam, I found that God would not be doing business with me that way. I could not treat God like a genie.

God sometimes bails out beginners. But, for consistent results He expects us to do our homework. I now know that God wanted me to do well in my studies. But He expected me to do my part, the study and homework to become a capable engineer. After I learned to combine God plus homework, my grades improved. Considering that then I studied less than before this qualified as a miracle. And God used those grades to give me a wonderful job. At only age 23, I helped design the Space Shuttle.

Drew Coons

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