Please Send Us Your Stories

“Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story.” (Psalm 107:2 NIV)

Stories are memorable and change lives. Therefore, we’re working on a collection of engaging and meaningful international stories for juvenile and young adult readers. Do you have a true first-person story of 500 to 1,000 words (from before being married) that God could use to plant an idea in the heart of a young person? If so, we would like to publish and distribute your story. Stories could also be from your spouse, or child, or a friend. The author or teller will be credited for the story.

The story can be written in the author’s first language. Then we will use Google to translate into English for editing. Or we’ll listen to the story by phone, write the story, and submit it to the teller for approval. The author or teller will have the joy of seeing their story professionally published and knowing that many people can benefit from their experience.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. This is not about telling the author’s history. This IS about communicating an important idea through a true story to a juvenile or young adult reader you are likely to never meet. Many will be outside the US.
  2. We need colorful details about your country and life within the story. But we reserve the right to edit and eliminate details that don’t add interest or meaning to a young reader.

You might object, “By eliminating some details, you’re not telling the whole story.” Right you would be.  But the Bible does that too. For example, in the Gospel of John, both John and Peter go to the tomb when the women reported Jesus resurrected. But Luke reports only Peter going. John included himself because it gave credibility to his eyewitness account. Luke left John’s presence out because that complicated his story.

  1. The story must make a point through a mistake made and consequences suffered or by a lesson learned.
  2. Although you can mention God, we want the stories to be non-religious in tone. We will edit out Christian jargon. Tying in a Bible verse without lecturing is acceptible.
  3. Legalities are necessary in the US. We will ask all authors to sign a simple “Work-for-hire” contract giving us the right to publish their story and stipulating that the story has not been previously published. We’ll pay $20 and send an electronic copy of the completed book.

We hope to have a lot of offers from which we’ll select twenty to thirty most likely to touch young hearts. Therefore, you can first submit a brief summary of your story or several different stories to determine which are likely to be selected before completing them.

We have attached two stories as examples:

Eat your fish and have it too      831 words – 5 minute read

Christmas Hope      542 words – 3 minute read

Thank you.

In Our Lord,

Kit and Drew