“ . . . the best part of my life” – ½ minute read

Biking (2)

Kit and I enjoy a cold house. Our home never reaches as high as sixty degrees in winter and occasionally dips into the forties.  On one occasion, Kit’s house plants froze. But the joy of snuggling warm together under blankets makes enduring a little chill worthwhile.  I frequently whisper to Kit, “Snuggling like this has been the best part of my life.”

I believe that memories can enrich most peoples’ lives, especially as we get older. In our home, we have many photos and objects commemorating adventures. They remind us of the wonderful life God has allowed us. I recently realized that our lives have also been filled with simple activities, like snuggling in a cold house. Since capturing feelings on film is difficult, we tend to forget the simple things that have enriched our lives.

Kit enthusiastically joined me listing things—not related to travel or ministry—that have given us consistent pleasure. Our list is up to 147 line-items, so far.  We have found a treasure chest of joyful memory triggers from our 42 years together. We have resolved to not take the pleasant activities of our lives for granted.


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2 Responses to “ . . . the best part of my life” – ½ minute read

  1. Roslyn R Yilpet says:

    So true, getting older teaches us to be grateful for the simple things in life.


  2. Thanks for reading and thanks for joining us in “being grateful for the simple things in life. ” Love U


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