Missionary and the Witch – ½ minute read


Genuine Transylvanian mythology isn’t the silly genre created for western entertainment. The folklore of the Carpathian Mountains can be more sinister and threatening, especially in a story that treats ancient beliefs and fears as reflecting demonic activity.

Missionary and the Witch is mythology reborn in the historically accurate apocalyptic setting of 1993 Romania. Years of war and generations of totalitarian communism had left the country frozen in time. Into this environment comes the naivete of American missionaries.

Early reviews indicate that this is our best writing. We treat demons as deceivers and inciters of evil. We’ve had the story checked to ensure no Scriptures are contradicted.  Religious readers of all ages will enjoy this gritty good-versus-evil tale. However, the tone of the novel is not American church-culture. Non-religious readers will enjoy a supernatural tale of retold mythology made plausible by biblical references.

We will provide a free digital copy to readers who will return comments and suggestions.

Kit and Drew

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