A Wonderful Hobby – ½ minute read

K&D at Christmas Market

Not only do we get to write but we also sell our novels at Christmas fairs. Readers from previous fairs come up to thank us. Some pester us for sequels.

Each wholesome novel we sell carries a positive message. Our Challenge Series features a couple forced into early retirement. Dave and Katie find a mystery to solve and criminals to thwart in each adventurous destination they visit. Their fish-out-of-water situations allows readers to see the interesting locales through a newcomer’s eyes. Readers tell us, “I felt like I had visited a fascinating place myself.” In our culture of fictional super heroes, our theme of ordinary people required by circumstances to become more than ordinary has found an audience.

Our prayer for you is to find a rewarding and productive hobby. Our advice; Be bold and try something completely uncharacteristic of yourself. If an engineer can write novels, there is no limit to what God can do.

Kit and Drew

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