Why is Drew wearing only underwear?  ½ minute read

IMG_0526 (2)

Kit and I took a vacation—as if we needed one living where we do—in Alaska. I had already caught a nice salmon in the Kenai River when we hiked into U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s new Skilak Wildlife Recreation Area.  There we found perfectly pristine and remote Hidden Creek. Big trout continually broke the water surface out of range of my cast. So, I took off my hiking boots and jeans then barefooted into the cold clear stream. There I hooked a salmon-sized rainbow until it jumped a yard out of the water and threw the hook.  What a thrill!

You don’t have to land every fish to love the experience.


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5 Responses to Why is Drew wearing only underwear?  ½ minute read

  1. Suzy Brown says:

    You are right! It’s the thrill of the hunt!! I feel that bond with Kit every time I go shopping.

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  2. suzie says:

    Oh a kindred spirit is my hubby Wes. Have huge smile on my face.

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  3. You are so right. Shopping, Fishing all the same. Love you guys !!


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