Dealing with a Ministry Setback –1 minute read


I am sad. Kit and I have recently experienced a major ministry setback. Why are we disappointed? Doesn’t Romans 8:28 promise God works things for “good?” Yes, but not necessarily for the best that could have happened. God may allow free will of others to thwart the best. We are disappointed for the couples who might not get our help.

The first church I joined post-college emphasized “Store up for yourself treasures in heaven,” (Matt 6:20) as motivation to do good works. I pondered, Is heaven somehow nicer for those who serve for rewards? I concluded that God would reward those who helped others on His behalf out of a loving heart, but not for a desire for rewards.

We’ve had setbacks before. Previously, God’s words to David after forbidding him to build the temple, “… you did well that it was in your heart,” (2 Chron 6:8) comforted me. Not this time. I hope God has made my heart more pure seeking neither the heavenly rewards or even God’s awareness, but only the benefit of others.

Comments about this subtle and perhaps controversial idea are welcome. And knowing that the “good” is still good, Kit and I are proceeding with an alternate plan.

In Our Lord,


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3 Responses to Dealing with a Ministry Setback –1 minute read

  1. Suzy Brown says:

    I feel your pain. Not exactly but you know how we hurt with the rejections we received. I’m scratching my head over it all and can only come up with we may never know the why. I know that no matter what, God remains faithful and in Him will I put my faith. We love you guys.


  2. David English says:

    I feel the sadness in your note and even though I don’t know the full story, I understand the feeling. For some reason it brought back a memory that at the time I didn’t understand and was disappointed about something we prayed for. I realize now how God had other plans he wanted us to be there for him and that could not have happened if what we hoped and prayed for came through. I how know God in his wisdom saw us somewhere else in order for that to happen and I hope this is true in your case as well.


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