Weeds? – 1 minute read

DSCN3559 (2)

Pictured are wild foxgloves growing in our yard. The tallest is over seven feet and growing. We have hundreds ringing our house all natural. Before moving to Washington, we had bought foxgloves from nurseries and struggled to keep them alive.

Many people in Washington consider the foxgloves growing everywhere to be weeds. And admittedly, they get into everything. But the difference in how we see them can illustrate two competing principles: “Value what you have.” and “To much of a good thing.”

Our chilly Washington weather may be “To much of a good thing.” Today temperatures here are expected to reach 70 degrees for only the third time this year. That may sound wonderful to those now suffering oppressive heat. But chilly temperatures also have a downside. Planted seeds just won’t germinate. Starting in May, I planted green beans six times using four packets of seeds for five struggling plants. I had to plant supposedly cool-loving potatoes three times before getting them to grow.

My goal is to “Value what you have,” despite my melancholy personality. The foxgloves are beautiful and for free! Chilly weather is good for sleeping!


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