Childless on Fathers Day

Now What

Bible Advocate Magazine is publishing an article by me on their Now What feature.  You can access the article at a safe site,

Kit and I share Bible Advocate’s belief that Scripture has meaningful answers for life’s struggles. Providing biblical solutions builds credibility in Scripture and gives us opportunities to share the gospel in the context of compassion and love.            Drew

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5 Responses to Childless on Fathers Day

  1. robindill says:

    As always, a wonderful thought provoking and faith increasing article! Love y’all! Robin


  2. robindill says:

    As always, your truth filled words ring loudly to me and our family because we have benefited from your ministry! I’ve told you both before how much the Dills love you and are honored to have you in our lives!


  3. angiefraser says:

    Drew – this article was so wonderful. It will be passed around and speak to many. I’m going to send it to friends. You and Kit are without doubt Father and Mother in the Body of Christ. Thank you for being willing to influence, encourage and love the next generation. Thank you for investing your lives in us – you guys are God’s gift to us and you’ll never know how much we needed you! With love Angie

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