Banking Time – 1 minute read

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Kit has left me. No, not because of marriage issues. She went to California to watch over her ninety-six-year-old mother while her sister went out-of-town.

Anticipating Kit’s departure, we had attacked a mountain of  critical jobs and finished them together. I then made to-do lists of important projects to stay busy in her absence. Already operating at high efficiency, I completed the to-dos in about three days. Without Kit, nothing seemed fun. I can’t remember ever being so bored.

After wasting eighteen hours binge watching an obscure TV series, I needed to get off my butt. I made new lists with chores I had put off hoping that Jesus would return and make them irrelevant. But while engaged in tedious tasks, my mind created a new concept. I was banking time. Using idle time to do the impossibly boring could free up time later in happier circumstances.

The concept cheered me up. Because my nature deemed banking time to be a good investment.

Redeem the time  Ephesians 5:16


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6 Responses to Banking Time – 1 minute read

  1. Patsie Bridges says:

    I love your concept of banking time. Just think of all the fun & happy times you and Kit can enjoy when she returns. What I loved even more was when you said nothing seemed fun without Kit. What amazing role models you both are to so many. Love & miss you both. Bank all the time you can for greater times ahead.

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  2. Margaret says:

    Guys, I sent you a message…please read…..I do t have your phone number since you moved to WA


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  3. angiefraser says:

    This is great, Drew! I’m always wishing for time to do those kind of tasks. Love that you used it so well! 😊


  4. Your time will come….. 🙂


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