Our Broken Hearts

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Most of the men in this photo (intentionally blurred) are today fighting and dying to defend freedom and protect their families. If they can’t escape Ukraine, the women you see are likely to be brutally raped. You don’t believe me? Read the history of the Russian suppression of liberty in Hungary.

The happy occasion pictured with Kit and Drew in the center was a training to equip Ukrainian couples to have godly marriages and help others do likewise. Ukraine has a mostly Christian population and friendly people. Look at the Ukrainian faces on TV. Ukrainians are no different than the sons, daughters, and grandchildren of most who read this. They long for liberty, justice, and peace.

The tragedy in Ukraine is due to satanic evil. Jesus called Satan the “father of lies.” Does “liar” not describe Putin? Opposing this evil won’t be easy. Please join us in willingness to sacrifice by enduring such as rising gas prices, shortage of goods, and higher taxes to oppose this evil.

Sadly, many in the US have given tacit support to Putin and his lies. After the invasion began, one renowned Putin admirer and politician called him a “genius” and a “peacemaker.” Putin is also trying to weaken America by planting outrageous lies that play on terrible instincts. Lies that make those with different opinions, values, or skin color the enemy.

As grieved as we feel over the Ukrainian horror, our hearts are broken because some  Christians are enablers of lie spreaders and Putin admirers. We do not believe American democracy can survive unless we stop demonizing fellow Americans and face the real enemy, Satan. Please let the Putin-Ukraine situation challenge us to reality and decency rather than Satan inspired lies purposed to create division and hatred.

Kit and Drew

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4 Responses to Our Broken Hearts


    Thank you for writing! We totally agree! Our love to both of you!

    Sent from my iPad Debbie Borders


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  2. Elaine Hickman says:

    My heart breaks for all of those in Ukraine defending their country and for all the ones that have immigrated to an uncertain future!❤️🙏🏻

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