I Love You More by Kit – 2 minute read

Heart Clip art

The air is filled with love in February. Heart shapes are everywhere, chocolates are prominently displayed in stores, and bundles of flowers await purchase. We all love the idea of love. There is great joy to be able to say to someone, spouse, parent, child, or friend, “I love you.”

My favorite thoughts about love come from a quote by Bishop JC Ryle framed in our bedroom. “Of all the things that will surprise us on that resurrection morning, this I believe will surprise us the most; that we did not love Christ more before we died.”

Those words cause me to think a little more broadly about love. I envision the moment when I will see Christ face to face. Then all that He has chosen to not reveal about Himself will be revealed and I will see Him in His glory. Much like Job I will say, “My ears had heard of you but now my eyes see you.” Then I will add, “And how I wish I had loved you more.”

That quote causes me to think of greater love, God’s love for me. I’m reminded of expressions of love we often use, perhaps between a child and parent.

The child says, “I love you.”

And the parent knowingly replies, “I love you more.”

So, I say to Christ, “I love you.”

And He knowingly replies, “I love you more.”

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2 Responses to I Love You More by Kit – 2 minute read

  1. Patsie Bridges says:

    How could He, but He just does! So wonderfully comforting. This writing is a gentle reminder for me to work on how I can love Him even more right now — today. ❤️❤️


  2. Love your heart, Patsie. I know I can never out love God but that quote makes me stop and think about just how much He does love me and I am filled with gratutude and awe. Love you.


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