State of the Family – 1 minute read

Carmel, CA 2017 (2)

Kit and I always fall asleep on New Year’s Eve well before midnight. It isn’t because we’re old. We did the same in our thirties.

Even so, we’re not without New Year family traditions. Each year we jointly write a State of the Family declaration just for us. In four categories—Spiritual, Finance, Health, and Recreation—we evaluate the year ending and set goals for the year ahead. The exercise is generally a great encouragement for accomplishing goals and sometimes an admonition to do better in the coming year. The exercise closes out each year and begins another

But the exercise is primarily a form of intimate communication. We discuss priorities, values, and objectives. The declaration also serves as a record of our agreements. This mitigates later conflicts because during the year we can review what we had intended. Either of us can forget purely verbal plans. Try this to avoid misunderstanding each other .

Happy New Year !!!

In Our Lord,



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4 Responses to State of the Family – 1 minute read

  1. Roslyn Yilpet says:

    Happy New Year! We are always asleep b4 midnight too. I love your State of the Family. We do the same each year. May God continue to help you reach yoir goals for His Glory!


  2. Chuck Eckerson says:

    Thanks Drew and Kit! I love the simplicity of this idea and the four categories.


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