Orcas – ½ minute read

DSCN3135 (2)Orcas are like rock stars in Washington. Distinctive markings allow marine biologists to name and track the life history of each. We have 74 who are year-around “residents” in local waters. Pictures of orcas lunging onto a beach to grab a seal pup conjure up their nickname, killer whales. Not our genteel 74 in Washington, though. They only eat fish.

Facebook and other notifiers light up when the celebrities approach our beach. But Kit and I never noticed or made it to the water in time to see them. And so, we took a whale watching excursion. We saw Sidney (female age 36), Stanley (male age 21), Lucky (male age 8), and Darcy (female age 3). They, known as pod T123, are not residents but Alaskan whales on an excursion of their own. Probably they are looking for the many unwary seals in the Puget Sound. In addition to the orcas, we saw a gray whale, two sea otters, and a harbor seal relaxing in the general direction the orcas headed. I’d warn them of trouble on-the-way, if I could.  

What is God teaching me in this stage of life?  Among more spiritual things, don’t wait to see whales from the beach. Take the initiative to go find them. And as we get older this life’s trouble is on-the-way for all. Enjoy moments.


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