New Neighbors – ½ minute read


“But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you;”   Job 12:7

We have new neighbors. A pair of barred owls have claimed our yard and woods as their home. Informally known as the “hoot owl,” barred owls are quite vocal both day and night. Hearing an owl used to be considered bad luck even a harbinger of death. Bad luck and death are true for some creatures. Our owls hoot in celebration when they catch dinner. Otherwise, they hoot to designate territory, attract a mate, or apparently just for the joy of making noise.

The Bible says that wild creatures can teach us. “Teach us what?” you may ask. According to verse nine of Job 12, their lives indicate “the hand of the Lord.” I can see God in the uniqueness and wonder of His creatures. And I admire their God-given resourcefulness. Wildlife’s unpredictable independence adds variety and even humor to my life. Owls and other wild neighbors can be a gift of joy from God.  

Drew Coons  

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2 Responses to New Neighbors – ½ minute read

  1. robindill says:

    Love this! We have owls that I hear calling near us and it always blesses me!

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  2. Kit Coons says:

    Thanks, Robin. Hopefully you will hear them when you visit. 🙂


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