Our Library is Open – a 1 minute read and an offer

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Our Kitsap County, having strictly complied with Covid protocols based on new cases, is in Phase 3 of reopening safely. Libraries, museums, theaters, and restaurants are now open. Coincidently, spring has spung under cloudless blue skies. Rhododendrons and other flowering shrubs grow wild in profusion in western Washington. Reopening as spring blossoms seems appropriate.

Our winter was mild compared to the one most of you experienced. An “about normal” number of rainy days wasn’t much different than Arkansas. Still, we spent most of the winter quarantined and writing. Although having enjoyed writing it, we decided not to publish our seventh novel. Who wants to read math-fiction?  But we also wrote wholesome short stories designed for use in literary periodicals. Because publications want “First Rights” we cannot post the stories on our website. But we can allow individual reviewers to read and critique the stories.

Therefore, the  Coons’ library is open too. If you would like to review some—we think good—stories, we can provide them to you. Just ask us for stories you would review at kitndrew@comcast.net or kitanddrew@gmail.com. Please give us a little feedback after reading a story.

Village Magic (999 words) A fairytale village discovers real magic.

A Pet Owner’s Heaven (2,496 words) A man is reunited with deceased pets. He finds they can speak and have quirky personalities.

The Man Who Wanted to Know Everything  (3,002 words)  A teacher who bases his identity on knowledge learns that wisdom is more important.

The Hustlers (10,342 words) Aliens establish communication with Earth through quantum entanglement—a real principle of physics. The aliens call themselves Mentors but have ulterior motives.


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  1. robindill says:

    You know I always like to review things! Robin

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