Time to make a stand – 1 minute read

I used to carry a card in my wallet. The card proclaimed me to be a Republican in good standing. That was when Ronald Reagan and Bob Dole led the party with ethical and pragmatic thinking. Since then Republicans have abandoned nearly all the principles for which they stood. Many conservative Republicans see danger and folly in Trumpism–a philosophy of total self-interest and using blatant falsehood to achieve power.

Sadly, Trump’s most loyal constituency is evangelical Christianity. Many not only look the other way but extol Trump as doing God’s work despite hundreds of amoral acts. Trump has committed so many egregious wrongs–proven to those willing to hear–that they now seem ordinary. But even among conscientious Christians, allegiance to the Republican Party–whatever actions they take–has become almost universal.

Most who receive this know of my fifty-year dedication and service to Jesus Christ. I’m now dismayed how Trumpism is discrediting the message of Christ among those we hope to reach. Please believe me that you don’t have to vote Republican in the upcoming election to be a good Christian. I urge you to vote Donald Trump and all who enable him out.

Drew Coons

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  1. Elaine Hickman says:

    I too have been so dismayed at how Some of my Christian friends I love seem to blindly support Trump! I pray as a nation we can come together and embrace our differences and learn to peaceably agree to disagree and work towards ‘one nation under God’! Hope you are enjoying your new adventure! David has started new chemo Treatments! It consists of two different Types of chemo pills (3 pills 💊 of one and two of the other twice a day) and is still on the chemo injection every 28 days! So far his side effects haven’t been too severe! His attitude remains pretty good for all he is going through! So far all of our family have remained COVID free! Take care of yourselves and enjoy your new home! Love you both Elaine

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  2. Chuck Eckerson says:

    Thanks, Drew and Kit, for this excellent post.

    I would to read your thoughts about the idea of voting for 3rd party candidates when neither major party candidate is acceptable.

    Chuck Eckerson Global Outreach Representative

    On Mon, Sep 21, 2020, 00:16 More Than Ordinary Lives wrote:

    > Kit and Drew Coons posted: “I used to carry a card in my wallet. The card > proclaimed me to be a Republican in good standing. That was when Ronald > Reagan and Bob Dole led the party with ethical and pragmatic thinking. > Since then Republicans have abandoned nearly all the principles fo” >


  3. Chuck Eckerson says:

    I meant to say “I would *love* to read….”

    Chuck Eckerson Global Outreach Representative


    • Thanks Chuck !
      I believe that voting for a third party is preferable to voting for Trump. However, in this case the threat of Trump winning in the electoral college and being unrestrained for four more years warrants stomaching some things and voting Democratic. There is also the specter of Trump discrediting a close election among his most rabid supporters. Surely you’ve seen the Trump administration official telling the Trumpers to buy ammunition.
      In Our Lord,


  4. Virginia Boyd says:

    Dear Drew and Kit,

    I appreciate that you have voiced what it feels that many Christians that are Trump supporters are failing to see or admit or whatever. I have had to talk to myself many times and remind myself that it wasn’t up to me to judge whether he is even saved or not but to pray for his soul because he does seem to be very lost and maybe even using “Christianity” to gather votes and supporters. (Something not uncommon in business – it seems.) Sadly, among unbelievers he has made them think less of wanting to follow Christ because of how he talks and lives out his life. And for believers who think he is grand – they have started to act as arrogant, unkind, selfish, bad mouthing human beings who have lost their way. I had to unfollow relatives and others who have made him their god. For myself, I too fail to be all that I should be and hope that I have folks praying for me. Can’t say that our choices for president have been good ones at all. How have we come to this point of having such immoral, selfish liars who run for president and win? I can’t say any of our recent presidents have been good people. Well, I can’t say that either presidential candidate is good or will be good but I wonder how in the world the USA can deal with Trump for another 4 years? Again, it’s good to hear someone I respect stand tall and share what seems like the Trump supporters refuse to even consider. (We’re republicans too but vote for who we think is best for the position. It’s just difficult when neither seem to be good – at all.) Love to you both!



  5. Boni Fadden says:

    So sad to read your comments Drew. I shall pray for you and those reading it.
    I have read the agenda of BLM. I have read the platform of the Democratic Party. I have read of the effects of Marxism & Socialism on previous societies. None of it sounds good.
    We are in a time of great turmoil & deceptions. May our Lord give each of us the discernment we seek, and obedience to His word.


  6. Mike Sale says:

    I agree with you 100%. Looking back with the benefit of 2 years of hindsight, you were dead on, Drew !! Tonight, I also read about a fat squirrel, a baseball practice interrupted, many fish stories, and some good retirement advice. You, my friend, are a talented writer !



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