Fall Begins in Washington – 15 second read

Trees are starting to change color here in Washington. In August? Well, from some vantage points we can actually see Canada. And we’re farther north than parts of Ontario and Quebec. Kit is just hoping our tomatoes will ripen before frost.

The days here feel like mid-October in Arkansas with low fifties temperatures at night and low-humidity seventies during blue-sky days. “Enjoy it while you can,” locals warn us. “The winter will be long, wet, and dreary.” Fortunately, Kit and I love cold rainy days. I’m grateful to God for this late-life opportunity.


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1 Response to Fall Begins in Washington – 15 second read

  1. Suzy Brown says:

    I was just remarking about that yesterday when we drive to Mt Hood. The fall is upon us and is spectacular! Can’t wait to see you guys! Hope it’s soon!! Our son gets married in 10 days. After that we are much more free and would love to visit you!


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