Please wear a mask – 1 minute read

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They don’t care whether you live or die, I thought. Several weeks ago moving our stored furniture required Kit and me to cross the country as the pandemic worsened. The general disregard for masks and social distancing on display in public places shocked me. Many seemed to flaunt a comradery of defiance. Kit and I are both older and each have additional factors that increase the risk of Covid 19. But we could not avoid close proximity to non-mask wearers. I wanted to shout, “Masks prevent spread of the virus. Please stop risking my life!”

One of the core principles of Christianity is caring about the welfare of others. Those who follow Jesus Christ should apply his directive to “love your neighbor” by not unnecessarily putting them at risk. Wearing a mask in public is a small inconvenience to potentially save lives. I believe Jesus would wear a mask in these circumstances. Sadly, church-related activities–those disregarding the advice of medical experts–have been demonstrated to rapidly spread the contagion.

Some might counter, “We’re more interested in saving souls than temporal lives.” Yesterday, I watched a TV evangelist making light of the pandemic among an unmasked throng. He effectively broadcast a message to all who might notice, “We don’t really care whether you live or die.” I wanted to ask him, “How many do you think you’ll convince to trust Jesus like that?”

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