Journey to a New Life – ½ minute read

DSCN2353 (2)

Drew and one of his massive trees-a Douglas fir

“What will we do now?” we had asked ourselves. FamilyLife announced moving from Little Rock nearly a year ago. Almost immediately we began a “last grand adventure.” Eleven difficult and sometimes hazardous months later we have a new home and an exciting bonus life.

Our house is set in deep Northwest woods near the beautiful fish-filled Puget Sound. You can Google Earth 3662 Harper Hill Road SE, Port Orchard, WA 98366. The house is ultra modern and the former owners had a taste for gadgets. Why use a simple light switch when a programmable controller will do? Electric devices blink at us for which we cannot yet discern a purpose. Occasionally a computerized voice speaks. Our challenges aren’t entirely over.

I’ve themed before that adventures–although rarely fun at the moment–can enrich our lives.  We’ve had quite an adventure getting here. Now the fun starts. Once again I urge you to try doing new and hard things regardless of your age.

We hope to welcome guests such as yourselves. Lots of nature-oriented outdoor activities are available even in the pandemic. And Seattle is only a short ferry ride away.


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20 Responses to Journey to a New Life – ½ minute read

  1. Margaret Braun says:

    The house is beautiful, I see a lot of things that I thought “Kit and Drew will love that” just minus the catfish pond in the back yard! I love the floors and how light the house is!


  2. angiefraser says:

    So pleased for you guys! Love this picture of Drew and the massive fir tree. I chuckle to think of the house “speaking” to you in its electronic voice – I think this is a pleasure I could forgo…!

    Much love to you both – so lovely to hear you are settling in.




  3. Suzanne Brenneman says:

    I loved looking at your new home. It looks perfect and we can’t wait to come and visit. We were coming to visit you this year and chaos hit plus you moved. The veggie garden looks amazing–deer protected too. Love keeping up with you.


  4. Margaret Zimmerman Braun says:

    I love your new home and all the gardens outside. It’s missing that catfish pond but the lovely walking trails are a good substitute. I look forward to see pics once your furniture and fixtures are in place and you’ve made it your home! Live to both if you!!


  5. Jacque Coons says:

    We’re glad you are finally getting settled and ready to start going down a new road and many new adventures.


  6. Mereseini Nacuva says:

    Bula Kit and Drew! You both look well with overflowing energy for your new venture. Fond memories of those catfish fishing! Love and prayers from Fiji. Mere (and Pita too)


  7. Betsy says:

    What a fantastic journey and beautiful house and I love the gardens. So happy for you both. Kit thank you for the birthday card you never fail to send. We are looking forward to visiting you sometime in the future much love Betsy


  8. Reggie Buckley says:

    God Bless you Drew and Kit. Washington State is as far as you can get from our days in South Carolina.


  9. Chuck Eckerson says:

    Hey Drew and Kit, Kathy and I are so glad things are working out. I resonated with your statement,” “…try doing new and hard things regardless of your age.”


  10. Ellen Vermilya says:

    This has whole new meaning as I am currently on the ferry from Bainbridge Island! Wave wave to you both ! We have 3 month old, 3 year old ( very unpredictable) with us.. hard to be so close and not get to stop and i n. LOVE seeing your part of our beautiful country! 💗


    • So happy to know you are enjoying your visit. And today actually turned into a nice day when it was supposed to rain. We took a walk at Manchester Park which is directly across from Bainbridge Island. Thought we saw someone wave from the bank. 🙂


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