A Covid 19 Scare – 1 minute read

virus-graphicKit and I have been in transition for seven months now and homeless for eleven weeks. We’ve been in many Covid 19 threatening situations we couldn’t avoid. Both of us are at high-risk should we contract the virus. Drew with low virus resistance. Kit with only one kidney. Then finally we found a house. We would soon have a place of refuge and relative safety. Soon after Kit started experiencing fever, body aches, and congestion.

I don’t think despair is strong enough word to describe our emotions. Neither of us was particularily afraid of dying and joining God. But to have worked so hard and come so close to our goals . . .  Then California–God bless them–where we’re staying during the house closing period, provided a Covid 19 test in our car. Both of us tested “NEGATIVE.”

I can’t remember ever being granted such a reprieve. Regardless of what (maybe God) caused Kit’s symptoms, it did us a favor. Although practicing all the safety precautions–masks, distancing, frequent hand cleansing, and avoiding public places whenever possible–we were tiring of the restrictions. Perhaps even getting careless. Now our committment to both personal safety and the safety of others has been renewed.

If you’re tiring of the restrictions, let me urge you to stay viligent. Each of us has important reasons and people for whom to remain healthy. A vaccine is likely in early 2021. Let us sacrifice convenience and comfort for the good of all.








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