Survival Strategy? – 1 minute read

Christmas party (2)Social distancing, isolation, hunkering down, and self-quarantine are terms used to describe everybody’s efforts to slow down the Covid-19 virus. Whatever it’s called, the intent is to raise survival rates.

Those of us older–I’m nearly 70–are especially at risk. Being male doubles that risk. I also have the additional risk factor of a poor immunity system. Basically, I’m a virus magnet. In school, I always caught everything first–a canary in a coal mine for my class. Add to that we’ve just sold our house and are soon to be on-the-road homeless.

So what is my survival strategy? That depends how one defines “save your life.” I only have a few active years remaining. Is remaining breathing saving my life? Or does survival mean preserving the potential of my remaining life? Kit and I had hoped to buy a low-maintenance home in Washington State and enjoy the parks of northwest America, British Columbia, and Alaska. We hoped to have an influence for Christ there.

Without jeopardizing others and still doing our part to mitigate the crisis, we chose to prioritize the survival of our lives’ potential over merely not dying. To do so, we will wait for an opportune moment then dash across the country during a pandemic. If we can find a relatively safe home in Washington, we can perhaps realize the potential of our remaining years.

That’s our survival strategy. During the transition, we’ll stay away from people like they had the plague–which some will–wash our hands every chance we get, and take every health precaution. Do any of you who read this have ideas or strategies about how to most safely move across the country and find a new home? I’d love to hear them.

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4 Responses to Survival Strategy? – 1 minute read

  1. Kaleb Cargin says:

    Take vitamin D daily –

    Don’t eat food prepared by someone else.

    Try to avoid any place that has the word “public” before it – restrooms, rest stops, showers, etc.
    If you must use a public restroom, don gloves before going in and then doff the gloves in a trash receptacle after you leave the restroom.

    In addition to gloves, wear a mask (N95/N100 is best, but anything is better than nothing) when in a high-traffic (public) area, such as grocery stores, lobbies, post offices, pharmacies, etc.

    Disinfect your shoes before getting back in your vehicle.

    Try to avoid the lobby/front desk area by checking in using the hotel’s smartphone app.
    Try to stay at places with no indoor corridors, but If not and the hotel you are staying in has a side entrance (most do), try to get a room on the ground floor next to that side entrance, so that you minimize time in the hotel’s hallway. Some hotel smartphone apps allow selecting your exact room when you check in.
    Using Clorox wipes and/or Lysol spray, disinfect as many “high touch” areas of the hotel room as possible BEFORE unloading luggage in the room. Pay special attention to the bathroom.


  2. Brenda says:

    Pray pray pray and stay in the moment. I will be praying too. Wish you guys could just stay in Arkansas until this is over. ❤️🙏🏻


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