Cool Heads, Courage, and Cooperation – ½ minute read

The Ambassadors Rendering (3)The spread of the Corona virus is unsettling many. A little over a year ago we released a dramatic novel, The Ambassadors. The crisis in that story is a deadly pandemic originating in Asia and threatening the world. Dire warnings from medical experts, stock markets crashing, Americans living overseas trying to get home. Sound current?

The novel is classified as science fiction. Although the story includes two charming human-like aliens, nearly all the science is real–that is non-fictional. The plot revolves around a young NASA scientist and a young woman reporter who both carry emotional baggage. They struggle to protect the aliens, understand the essence of being human, and find a key to deal with the pandemic.

The Ambassadors is a rousing and relevant tale. “I’ve never read anything like it,” one Bookbub reviewer posted. If you’re interested, you can buy the novel through either Kit and Drew or Amazon (kindle or printed) at Link to The Ambassadors

Without giving away the novel’s ending, I’ll reveal that mankind is saved through cool heads, courage, and cooperation. That’s what I’m praying for in the Corona crisis.

Drew Coons

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2 Responses to Cool Heads, Courage, and Cooperation – ½ minute read

  1. Mary Potuznik says:

    Sounds like your book was predicting the future that we are in right now. Oh but we still need the aliens.



  2. Well, can’t get it all right. 🙂


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