Glad to be alive, but without a boat – 1 minute read

Our first novel, Challenge for Two, inChallengeforTwoRendering (2)troduces late middle-aged Dave and Katie whose lives have fallen apart. Katie describes their circumstances. “I feel like our old life was a boat that went over a waterfall with us inside. Now we’re bobbing up in the pool below, glad to be alive, but without a boat.”

People ask us, “Are Dave and Katie Kit and Drew?” No, although we do use our real experiences to create situations for our characters. Dave and Katie certainly weren’t Kit and Drew when we wrote Katie’s statement in 2016. Then our lives were awash with opportunities and excitement. Circumstances are different now. The organization in which we’ve served God most of our lives is changing. Younger leadership, new terminology, and different values have made us not relevant. And getting older makes our previous lifestyle increasingly difficult. Dave and Katie are not us. We have become them.

Where to look for inspiration? Well, our fictional characters to start. Dave and Katie do discover new life and purpose. They choose to be more-than-ordinary and thereby experience adventure and meaning in that novel and three sequels.

I believe God has a more-than-ordinary desire for everybody. But like most things, He doesn’t serve it to us on a platter. When life reaches dead ends, you must search for new life and purpose and work for it. We hope you will join us on this journey in the coming months.


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