A last grand adventure? – 1 minute read

IMG_8090 (2)

Sunrise over Mount Rainier as seen from the Olympic Peninsula

Kit and I are known to have adventurous hearts. After all, we met in Africa. Fortunately for us, adventure and serving God can be nearly synomous values.

With FamilyLife leaving Little Rock, Kit and I have no compelling reason to remain in Arkansas. And we anticipate that our 4,400 square-foot older house with steep stairs and 23 care-needing acres will soon be to much for us to manage.

Does God have one last grand adventure for us?  Maybe. We’re looking for exciting places and showing our home to potential buyers. We’ve just returned from a vision trip to Washington State. The Olympic Peninsula is spectacular and sparsely populated. Nearly everybody knows about the lush rain forests there. But on the lee side of the mountians we found a cool moist area with only a third the annual rainfall of Little Rock. No kidding! 

Our More Than Ordinary Lives website is dedicated to encouraging readers to experience lives which include adventure. The theme of our novels is people rising above ordinary by the choices they make. But there’s sometimes a thin line between adventure and self-inflicted diaster. The difference is all related to making wise choices. Sadly, many Christians do not make good choices. More Than Ordinary Choices by Kit and Drew Coons





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6 Responses to A last grand adventure? – 1 minute read

  1. Heidie Baughman says:

    Hi Drew and Kit,
    I always love reading the 1 minute reads. I am sure God will provide you with guidance on this new adventure. I will be praying for you as well. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.


  2. peter.panasenko says:

    Thank you, Drew, very much.

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  3. Peter Panasenko says:

    Thank you, Drew, very much.  I do questions if you can share with me link or recommendation of good Father’s love letter for the son. I would really appreciate your recommendation.  Very respectfully,  Peter Panasenko916-224-4187


  4. Jane Bridges Campbell says:

    someone is going to get a beautiful home when they buy your farm! Your new journey sounds so exciting! Washington State would be an incredibly place to live.


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