Relaxation – 1 minute read

DSCN1528 (2)While researching for a new novel set in California, Kit and I discovered these sea lions enjoying themselves in the morning sun. We watched while several babies cavorted in the surf and the adults did what sea lions do so well . . . relax. I worried a bit that a killer whale would take one of the babies. We’ve all seen nature shows where the orca lunges onto the beach to grab an unwary young seal or sea lion.

Unlike the hundreds of sea lions infesting the piers in downtown San Francisco, these were purely wild animals in a pristine and secluded spot. Nor did a mob of gawking tourists admire them like in the city, just Kit and me. A moment to remember and cherish.

I found myself envying the sea lions and their relaxed joy. Our lives are hectic, hectic, hectic right now. Opportunities compete with difficult circumstances not of our making. I don’t have all day to relax in the sun. This picture reminds me to deliberately take time to relax a bit in the midst of seemingly endless urgency. Yet I keep an eye open for killer whales or mistakes we could make in our haste to complicate matters further.


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