A Summer of Conflict – 1½ minute read

EPSON MFP imageWe’ll remember 2019 as the summer of corporate conflict. Just a few examples:

1. The power company misread our electric meter in June and sent us a bill 12X normal. After complaining, I found them replacing the meter that proved our case. After many hours on the phone, every time with a different representative, they corrected the bill . . . in late October.

2. A NYSE company gave misleading financial statements. Stock rating agencies didn’t research thoroughly and touted them. The FBI raided their offices. All the culprits pointed fingers at each other. Nobody went to jail. A class action lawsuit made a lot of lawyers rich. We lost a year of living expenses.

3. A roof air conditioner dripped water onto a grocery store floor. Kit slipped and broke her kneecap. Two weeks later the store hadn’t corrected the situation endangering other customers. Their legal representatives have done all they can to minimize culpability.

4. Our phone service tried to charge us for repairs to get the phone working even after we proved that they hadn’t been delivering a signal to our house.

We all know the value of peace. The Bible has much to say about resolving conflict with people. A corporation is not a person you can try to communicate with and reach a biblical resolution. What should a follower of Christ do?

#1 – Don’t take your frustration out on the corporation’s representatives. They are just trying to make a living by following policies designed by executives to maximize profits.

#2 – Don’t confuse a corporation with a friend. Regardless of the “We love our customers,” ads run on TV, the purpose of a corporation is to make money. They see us as a source of revenue or frequently, if one has complained, as an adversary.

#3 – Don’t confuse obstinacy in yourself with principle. If the matter is small, say under $100, just save the trouble and allow yourself to be cheated. This is consistent with Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount.

#4 – Apply Jesus words, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” Matthew 10:16

Drew Coons

A published article by Drew on responding to injustice


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2 Responses to A Summer of Conflict – 1½ minute read

  1. Jane Campbell says:

    Love this! So sorry you broke your knee cap Kit!

    Jane Campbell



  2. Thanks, Jane. How are YOU doing ?


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