Our Most Embarrassing Moment Followup – 1 minute read


An event WLFJ promoted for us

Last week we posted “A Dark Secret” revealing our most embarrassing moment in front of a lot of listeners. The story included a kindness extended to us by a friend. Steve Mitchell of South Carolina recognized himself as the kind friend and wrote in:

“I remember it well! Drew gave a heads-up about your appearance to some of his “lunch table gang” at work, so I was able to listen to you guys on the drive home. Now the thing was, in those days, I didn’t have a cell phone, so the “drive time slot” meant I had to speed home and call WLFJ from the house. I think you guys were just about to wrap things up when I called. But I do remember a lot of silence!  ☺ Glad that you guys were willing to step out in faith and bless so many folks over the years. I know you made a difference in our family! – Steve”

Steve and his sweet wife, Freda, played a major role in that 1990s ministry as did many others who may read this. Not only did God use you to touch hearts at that time, but you helped Kit and me get the experience we’ve used to serve God around the world. Steve and others of you also brought the quality of kindness into the ministry.

In literally 50 years of Christian service, I’ve seen many people who speak gently and with a smile. But their words and actions are anything but kind. I’ve been unkind myself on occasions. I’ve come to believe that kindness–which is closely linked to Jesus’ Golden Rule–sets apart followers of Christ from practitioners of religion. Extending kindness is always the right thing to do.

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