A Dark Secret – 1½ minute read

Young Coons (2)

Kit and Drew at the time of the interview

In our early FamilyLife years, Kit and I partnered with WLFJ Christian radio in Greenville, SC. They interviewed us on the air numerous times. We’ve been privileged to do many radio interviews since, including three programs on FamilyLife Today with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine. WLFJ gave us our first radio experiences and did a wonderful job publicizing our events. But our dark secret was that we didn’t listen to the station very often.

Once the FamilyLife ministry had grown, WLFJ asked for a return favor. Would we go on air during their annual fundraising week to endorse the station? “Of course,” we responded. They gave us the prime drive-time slot following the most prominent Christian leader in our area. There we asked for donations to WLFJ with all our might. But remember that we didn’t listen to the station and weren’t familiar with their fundraising techniques.

After a while the phones weren’t ringing. The DJ said, “Let’s put Kit and Drew on the phones and have their folks call in.” And so, we went on the phones, praying for some friends. No one called. “Aren’t any of the couples from FamilyLife out there?” the DJ repeated. No rings. I’m certain some would have called had we fore-warned them. At that point, I wished I had mailed a $100 bill to everybody I knew with a request to donate. Finally, a kind friend had mercy on us and had his son call in a pledge. We left the station in total embarrassment.

WLFJ never asked us to do fundraising again. But they continued to publicize the ministry. With their help, we had some of the largest marriage conferences in America during those years. God touched many hearts.

We laugh at that experience now. But at the time, it wasn’t funny.  Don’t let the fear of making a mistake keep you from the adventure of trusting God. Even if you do something stupid, you’ll laugh later.

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  1. Marnie Rasche says:

    Who knew??

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