Influencing Young People – 1 minute read

Jeremy'sChallenge_Rendering2 (3)“Do you have anything for kids?” many asked about our books. With 86% of millennials in America being post-Christian, juveniles and young adults need some positive influence. Therefore we determined that we would create a story for young people. And we’d include the novel in our Challenge series to capitalize on the momentum of our Dave and Katie adventures.

I read a dozen juvenile and young adult novels to understand the genres. The most common plot line is when a young person discovers that they have inherent or accidental powers, frequently magical. Every kid wants to envision themselves as more-than-ordinary. But the theme of our Dave and Katie adventures is regular people becoming more-than-ordinary–not by magical powers–but by the choices they make.

Therefore, we worked extra hard to create Jeremy’s Challenge, an engaging story for new young adult and juvenile readers–while remaining entertaining to Dave and Katie fans. This we did by a first person account by Dave and Katie’s son Jeremy; growing up, making mistakes, trying to establish an identity, and longing for adventure. He then falls under the spell of an alluring and scheming older woman.

Henry David Thoreau wrote that authors, “more than kings or emperors, exert an influence on mankind.” I doubt our novel will influence mankind. But what’s the value of positively influencing a handful of kids? Even just one kid?

We’ve priced this novel at only $9.62 and $2.99 by Kindle. How about buying a copy for someone you love? Or just read the story yourself. We believe you’ll enjoy it, regardless of your age.
Description of Jeremy’s Challenge

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5 Responses to Influencing Young People – 1 minute read

  1. Cindy Berry says:

    Could I get 2 if these? My daughter teaches 5 and 6 English at Little Rock Christian. I will give her a copy for her class.


  2. Aileen Ostendorfff says:

    I am excited to read and offer to our grandsons!!!way to go Drew and


  3. Patsie Bridges says:

    Kit & Drew, I know this is a huge change for you, but I believe God has something wonderful in store for you. Through His love and guidance you have helped so many. You taught me more than you will ever know by your class leadership and by being beautiful examples of His love. Can’t wait to see the next step in His plan for you. I hope you plan an amazing, fun vacation somewhere – you deserve it. My love to you both.


  4. Patsie Bridges says:

    I attempted (I am a little technically challenged) to order through Amazon and the only thing I saw was for Kendall. I would like 2 copies – 1 for my almost 13 year old granddaughter. Could you autograph them? Thanks!


    • Thanks Patsie! I’ll check the Amazon. But you get a lot better price getting the books directly from us. The two books will be $20.97 including Arkansas sales tax. Sure we’ll autograph them. And we’ll bring them by, maybe today. In Our Lord, Drew

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