Trip to Chicago – 1 minute read

Pizza (2)New York pizza connoisseurs look away. Chicago deep-dish pizza–with about an inch of toppings–needs to be eaten with a fork. The photo is from famous Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria in the elegant Oak Park section of Chicago.

For FamilyLife, we attended The Changing Face of Evangelism conducted by Cru | City in Chicago. The intent of this training is to mobilize church members to do a conversational form of one-to-one relational sharing. They use the broad concept of well-being from Isaiah 48:17-19 as a form of commonly felt need.

Cru | City started with a compelling perspective on the need for new methods of effective evangelism. 86% of millennials are post-Christian. America has the fourth largest non-Christian population in the world after Russia, India, and China. Cru | City’s technique involves asking questions and listening without judgement then talking about Jesus from a position of understanding. The training challenged practitioners to consider themselves as cojourners on a spiritual journey and thereby avoid barriers to the message.

Kit and I still prefer pursuing the more narrowly focused felt need of relationships. But if your church or group would like an innovative approach to outreach, please check Cru | City’s website at


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2 Responses to Trip to Chicago – 1 minute read

  1. Always great to hear about any of your news!
    Very talented and creative notes!
    Remember your lessons!
    We love to use your books and materials!
    Love you.
    Vladimir and Natasha


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