A different time–a different place – 1 minute read

Book and Paper Show (2)

Kit and I define non-sexual romantic as “a different time–a different place.” Today we participated in the Arkansas Book and Paper Show. There history and memorabilia enthusiasts displayed and sold rare books, Confederate money, vintage post cards, 19th century photos, and thousands of other reminders of different times and places. “I just like old things,” one booth proprietor explained. This group certainly pursues our idea of romantic.

We fit in with the other participants in respect that nearly all were our age or older. We didn’t fit in with our brand new novels for sale and the technology (tablet and laptop) we brought. Not one other person showed any electronic devices. Yet we couldn’t have been treated any more kindly by a community of gracious people who share a love of items that recall former eras. I assured would-be buyers that our novels are all first editions. Most laughed and a few bought our books which include many historical references and exotic places.

We don’t need to travel through time or board a jetliner to experience different times or places. Little romantic enclaves persist all around us. One source of a more-than-ordinary life is to step off our path and look for reminders of a different time, a different place.

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2 Responses to A different time–a different place – 1 minute read

  1. Jane Campbell says:

    I love The Challenge series! I can see the mansion In Minnesota and feel the cool air and see the snow fall. Includes history, mystery, suspense, romance, and more. A great escape.

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