Fishing Invitation – 1 minute read

Teenaged Drew lived for catching fish. Who caught the fish mattered little. Seeing someone else catch a fish almost equaled catching one myself. Bored from a Boy Scout exhibition downtown, I wandered down to the Tennessee River. There I found a man watching his eightCapture (2) year old daughter who hopefully held a rod with a line into the water.

By their appearance, that family had experienced some hard times. “I’d give anything I got to see her tie into a big one,” the man confided.

Fat chance; in this spot, under a hot sun, with the wrong bait, I thought. But the man’s love for his daughter was evident. I too fervently hoped the little girl would catch a fish. That miracle didn’t happen. But God planted in me a dream. Someday I’ll have a place where kids can catch a fish–a big fish.

Seventeen years ago, I achieved that dream. Kit and I nuture a fishing lake where we allow children and international guests to catch a fish–a big fish. Many who read this probably don’t know we offer fishing experiences. If you have school-age children, grandchildren, or mentor a child–perhaps from the city–you can contact us. We supply all the tackle and bait. All you need is a kid and a little hope.


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2 Responses to Fishing Invitation – 1 minute read

  1. Marnie Rasche says:

    You don’t really need hope….Drew has made a pond that delivers!! I a 69 yr old have caught many BIG fish in that pond and it is so EXCITING!! Bring you and your children for a memorable experience!! And Drew gives all the glory to God!!!


  2. kit says:

    Very true, fishing here is pretty much a sure thing. Love those smiling faces on “kids” of any age. 🙂


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